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What is Insight?

Insight is a real-time interactive simulator developed by Hydrafab.

How does Insight work?

With Insight, you can step into a real-time fully visualized environment for immersive 360° walk-through's in a photorealistic VR.

Why Real-time?

Real-time engines are changing the competitive landscape across the realm of engineering, industrial design, product design, and other industries. Developing in real-time along side of existing platforms allows for faster iteration speeds and greater design flexibility. Static images, blueprints, renderings, drawings, and other traditional methods aren’t always effective in capturing the full depth of a design or vision as small details can get lost in the mix or overlooked.

When it comes to meeting the needs of stakeholders and clients, having the speed and flexibility to iterate and grasp the entire scope of a project quickly can be invaluable.

4 Ways Real-time Reduces Design-to-build Process Time and Improves Workflow:

Designing at the speed of thought

Imagine shaving months, weeks, or days from your design or production cycle. This is the impact real-time technology is having on engineering, design, and manufacturing industries.

Validate designs faster

Finding unexpected issues in your virtual prototypes sooner in the design process can have a tremendous impact on both the costs and time it takes to bring a project from concept to creation.

Streamlining complex processes

Not every organization utilizes the same CAD toolsets making it problematic to see all the data in a single place during the design process. To create a virtual prototype, all these different assets can be integrated into an optimized Realtime experience.

Winning over stakeholders

Real-time technology can also create unparalleled design experiences that let clients and stakeholders become immersed in a prototype for quick and comprehensive understanding in ways that just aren’t possible with traditional techniques.

Insight Avatar: Bolt

Within Insight, you are represented by a character named Bolt. Bolt is an ergonomically accurate, six foot (6') tall character that helps simulate the fit between the user, equipment and environment. Below is the Bolt avatar model.

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