Shipping & Receiving

Post Date: March 7th 2019

Location: Houston, Tx

Position Status: Full-Time

Position Summary

Warehouse Worker should be detail oriented, follow instructions precisely and double-check his or her work before completing a task. Our company offers a competitive salary, paid time off and excellent benefits. We also have an in-house training program for the right applicant. Warehouse Worker to join our team at the distribution center. Seeking an ambitious and hardworking professional who does not mind working in hot or cold conditions and can work an entire shift on his or her feet. We prize speed and accuracy above all else.


A high school diploma or GED equivalent


  • 1-2 years’ experience

  • Computer certificates

  • Ability to read blueprints

  • One must be in a good physical condition as this is a physically demanding job


  • Warehouse workers must store goods in the specified place in the warehouse as most warehouses are large and cater to multiple clients.

  • Must be ready at the time of goods arrival. For loading goods, must perform in alotted time-frame.

  • Must handle all goods with extreme care especially the ones which are marked delicate.

  • Must check the number of boxes with the information that is provided to them by the supervisor and report it back to them damaged goods or shortages.

  • Must always check the condition of the goods when they are loaded and unloaded.

  • For damaged items, they have to report it to the supervisor so they can inform the management that the goods were brought in a damaged state.

  • Must ensure that all goods are loaded into trucks and that nothing is left behind.

  • Must always be available during their shift as goods can arrive at any time.

  • Many warehouses use bar codes on boxes to keep records, the workers have to make entry for each box with the bar code readers.

  • Must follow instructions of the warehouse supervisors at all times.

  • Warehouse workers are first briefed on the goods that are coming in and they have to work accordingly.

  • If the delicate material is being stored, the workers have to be careful and handle each box with care. Destruction of the goods have to be compensated by the warehouse, and most of the delicate goods are expensive, therefore, the workers should be aware of this and handle them accordingly.


  • Forklift operations

  • Lift up to 50lbs

  • Ability to read blueprints

  • Ability to work flex hours


  • Safety orientation

  • ISO 9001

  • QMS

  • Forklift/crane license

  • Blueprint Comprehension